Officially effective November 15, 2022; The Town of Union now has an ATV route on the far west side of the Town. This route provides connectivity to routes and trails in the Town of Spring Brook and Elk Mound, currently the Town of Wheaton does not have any ATV trails or routes.

Town of Union approved route roads are…

  • Continuing from Buena Vista/1010th St. (opened 3+ years ago by the Town of Spring Brook)
  • BEGIN East on CTH E 1 mile to
  • North on Elk Creek Rd. 3 miles to
  • West on County Line Rd./10th Ave. 1 mile, END at Dunn CTY, Town of Spring Brook jurisdiction.

All ATV/UTV operators must stay on the signed route, stay on the pavement, obey the posted speed limit signage, and follow the Department of Natural Resources ATV/UTV Regulations.

Contact the Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Department to report any incidents. Non-emergency number (715) 839-4972

You may view this trail and all of Eau Claire Couny's ATV trails here, Eau Claire County's online ATV Routes Map

Town Of Union ATV Ordinance is here, ATV Ordinance

2024 ATV Route Update: We’ve begun our ATV route signage project on our county road system. Instead of signing every open route (green roads on the attached map) we decided to mirror Dunn County and Chippewa County by installing signs that state “all roads open to ATV unless otherwise signed” These signs will be placed on all approved routes at the county line. Signing the routes this way will save us money on sign cost as well at match the surrounding counties. Starting this week, all the non-ATV route county roads will be signed (red roads on attached map). Next, we’ll start installing the border signs that will state all roads open to ATV traffic as well as speed limit signs. The entire project is scheduled to be completed by the middle of August. Feel free to reach out with any questions. Cost for the signs will be tracked and ran through the Towns. Then the Town will pass along the cost to the ATV club.